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Switch cabinets sometimes house very sensitive electronics. Controls, switching units, computer technology, etc. All these electrical devices guarantee the smooth running of a wide range of processes in industrial production facilities, computer centres, small businesses and large factories. And they are becoming more and more obligatory, because due to increasing automation and the constantly growing aspect of artificial intelligence, which has to get its power from somewhere, the importance of well-functioning control cabinets is growing.

If you look at a switch cabinet from a distance and break down all its functions, all its small contacts, each individual resistor, each semiconductor to the essentials, then a switch cabinet is nothing more than a small cosmos that works entirely for itself and ensures that all its tasks are carried out smoothly and correctly under the right conditions.

It’s getting warm!

According to the energy calculation, it is not possible to use 100% of the electrical energy used for the intended purpose. The energy that is “lost” on the way is released as thermal energy inside the switch cabinet and this causes the inside of the switch cabinet to heat up. Some people now agree that this is purely a matter of cooling the control cabinet, i.e. constantly reducing the temperature. A logical thought in itself – where something heats up, it must also be cooled. If necessary, simply open the door briefly and ventilate.

But far too often this calculation is made without the consequential risks. Too cold, too dirty, too wet. All these factors come together in an unprofessional control cabinet temperature control and can thus cause acute failure symptoms or total failure of all units.

That‘s not fear sweat, that’s condensate.

If temperatures are too low, the performance of the technology in the switch cabinet is impaired, not promoted. This also results in a much greater danger: condensation. Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of fogged mirrors in bathrooms or small droplets in beverage cans in summer. Moisture in the ambient air precipitates on colder surfaces and forms small droplets that collect over time to form small trickles. And it is precisely this precipitation that can also be found in switch cabinets if the temperature inside is set too low. At this point it is hardly necessary to explain what irreparable damage water can cause to sensitive technology.

But even a simple opening of the control cabinet door has undesirable consequences. Although this can lead to a short-term normalization of the temperature, such an open door is an invitation for dirt, dust and even small flying insects. These are all disruptive factors that, in the worst case, can lead to unit failure. However, since so much depends on the performance of the switch cabinets in these times, it is in the economic interest of your company not to accept the risk of such a failure.

Enjoy the feeling of maximum safety and experience the efficient operation of the systems for control cabinet temperature control from Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik.

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Small cosmos – big climate

Open control cabinet doors, uncompromising undercooling and stupid ventilation are not the order of the day for us. With a control cabinet it is not just a matter of cooling, we design our individual concepts to provide intelligent temperature control for your control cabinet. We don’t want to achieve temperatures below zero, but a constant operating temperature that is maintained taking into account the ambient temperature and can be flexibly adapted under certain circumstances. Our system consists of several components, ranging from measurement and control to the actual temperature control unit.

We also take up your challenge and develop exactly the right system for your control cabinet temperature control. Your needs and ideas are the top priority for our work – our aim is to offer you a solution that will make your operation as relaxed and uncomplicated as possible. During planning and implementation, we rely on our already developed products and can thus rely on high quality and an appropriate safety standard. However, should your project be based on special circumstances, not be compatible with our dimensions or for other reasons not be supported by our product portfolio, we will of course be happy to customize it for you and, if necessary, develop our own solution for you.

Principle: tried and tested. Climate: perfect

Our solutions work with the flexible Peltier technology. Due to the possibility of a quick reversal of heat and cold effects, their well adaptable size and robustness, the Peltier elements offer an optimal basis for precise and well-functioning control cabinet temperature control. Their function has proven to be very reliable over the past years and compared to conventional cooling systems with compressors, the Peltier elements offer a great plus in safety, flexibility and user-friendliness.

In many personal discussions and after a precise analysis of your situation, we put together a system for your requirements in which each component works as efficiently as possible. A sensor system continuously measures the current temperature and a smart combination of temperature control and dehumidification ensures the perfect climate in your control cabinet.

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