Calculation tool

Many possibilities, one answer! Control cabinet air conditioning made easy.

The diversity of our products reflects the diversity of possible applications. The components used, the enclosure used, but also the environment in which the enclosure is installed, determines which unit is suitable for your application. To make the selection easy for our customers, we provide you with our calculation tool, with which you can clearly and easily find the right device for your application.

Simply enter the required information below and the calculation tool will recommend the right device for your application.

The calculation is performed according to DIN 57 660 part 500 or IEC 890 and thus follows the industry standard for the design of control cabinet air conditioning components. The specified units must be observed when entering the values.

If you need assistance with the calculation, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to perform the calculation for you.

Calculation tool

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Let one of our employees advise you to find a solution for your individual cooling solution. Of course, we are available to provide advice and no obligation on any project to find the right solution for you.

The actual temperatures in the control cabinet may deviate from the specified values. The generated device recommendations represent guide values. If you want to use the calculation in a reliable way, please contact us and let us validate the calculation. Please also make sure to enter the values completely.

The insulation material is based on a heat transfer coefficient of 0.04 W/mK. Please note this value and, if necessary, check which heat transfer coefficient the insulation material you are using has. If required, we will be happy to provide you with recommendations for the appropriate insulation material on request.

If you require further accessories for a recommended unit, such as condensate drainage channels, suitable regulators and controllers or a fuse recommendation, please contact us.

Also further versions which allow for example salt fog resistance or resistance in adverse environments such as sand storms are available on request.

As our calculation tool is currently in the beta phase, Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the results. We therefore urge you to contact us directly before making a product selection based on the calculation tool in order to have it verified.