Switch cabinet dehumidifier: Switching and controlling

Whether complex data centers, industrial manufacturing processes or complex robotic systems – they all require a heart, a core, a unit that defines and controls how everything has to run. A control cabinet.

Nowadays, the technology is such that the necessary hardware can be reduced to a minimum – and still fills an entire cabinet. Do you also have a switch cabinet in your company, on your company premises, in your production or in your office? Then you face several challenges. The technology in the switch cabinet is sometimes so sensitive that even the slightest temperature fluctuations or soiling could trigger a total failure. Temperature in particular is a major problem.

Our switch cabinet dehumidifier

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Some like it hot. Some don’t.

Wherever a lot of technology is running, heat is generated, and in most cases even heat. This is partly due to the energy conservation laws of physics and the metals used in the electronic parts. Energy flows endlessly in a switch cabinet – after all, the most complex processes are coordinated and controlled here. Unfortunately, however, the energy used does not benefit 100% and exclusively for the intended purpose – a small part of the energy evaporates from the process in the form of thermal energy. This circumstance is almost unavoidable.

Metal not only conducts electricity well, but also heat. These two facts in combination naturally favour an increase in temperature in the switch cabinet. In addition, the door must always be kept closed, because external influences on the extensive systems should be avoided wherever possible. After all, everything in a control cabinet has its strict order and a fixed concept. Dirt or small flying insects are also undesirable in control cabinets. When the door is closed, there is no draught and the natural air cooling, as it works with smaller electrical devices in everyday life, is thus flattened. The solution is an effective and well thought-out cooling system. If this is not available, or if it is installed incorrectly, the risk of condensation is always underestimated.

Switch cabinet humidity

Particularly under changing operating conditions, but also during control operation, it cannot be ruled out that condensate may form inside the switch cabinet. No matter how watertight the switch cabinet may be – as soon as liquid has formed, it represents an immense danger potential for sensitive technology in the switch cabinet. In addition to balanced temperature control, one thing is particularly important: the control cabinet dehumidification.

With a climate control system from Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik, you can be sure of a comprehensive solution for your control cabinet. Cooling, ventilation, dehumidification. You can rely on a proven principle combined with years of experience from a team of competent specialists. We take care of your problem and offer you a tailor-made concept.

The Peltier Technology

All our cooling and heating systems use Peltier technology. A very tried and tested and safe system whose temperature control effect is easy to control. The great advantage lies in the structure of the Peltier plates. In one current flow direction, side A heats up and side B cools down. If the current flow direction is reversed, exactly the opposite happens on sides A and B. The current flow direction of the Peltier plates is reversed.

This effect can be reversed within a few seconds, is easy to control and can be installed in almost any format. The Peltier technology is therefore a well suited basis for our products – so good that it has been given a part in our company name.

The effective control cabinet for dehumidification

The control cabinet dehumidifier patented by Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik offers not only support in the temperature control of your control cabinet, but also an effective dehumidification system with safety supplement.

The basic element of the dehumidifier is a ventilation-free Peltier cooling plate, which is located inside the control cabinet after installation. It collects any condensate formed in the switch cabinet. The droplets flow out of the inside of the cabinet via a safe line and thus no longer pose a danger to the sensitive high-performance components. The cooling plate is equipped with an intelligent temperature sensor so that freezing of the collected condensate droplets can be avoided. Depending on the size of the control cabinet, several of these modules can be connected in the same way to achieve an optimum result and to keep the control cabinet dry.

Keep cool cabinet

Switch cabinet Humidity can also be combated if it is already too late – please contact us for this. Of course it is better to take preventive action, but even if you have already found moisture in your control cabinet, it is worth installing a dehumidifier for the future to prevent worse things.

We at Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik offer each customer maximum individual service. Together we will find the perfect solution for your needs. From simple sketches to initial drafts and complex 3D models through to the finished product – we attach great importance to every detail when designing your model, because this is the only way to guarantee the greatest possible efficiency.

After all, it’s what everyone wants – perfect service.

Control cabinet dehumidifier, individual and genuine

A safe and reliable system will be designed according to your wishes and needs. We use already existing products of our series and complete the system under circumstances with custom-made products. Because the demands that a switch cabinet and its environment bring with them cannot be satisfied with a single fixed range of products. Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik products come from the greater Munich area and are therefore a quality product from the heart of Bavaria.

Switch cabinet dry – efficiency guaranteed.

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