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Laboratory technology

Laboratory & process technology – Because the details make a difference

Especially in laboratory technology, it is of utmost importance to exclude any falsification of the results. This is the only way to create comparable results that allow reliable conclusions to be drawn. The samples to be examined can be of various types, but they almost all have one thing in common: the temperatures of the samples influence the measurement result.

Not only are measurement results in the laboratory environment quickly falsified by incorrect temperature control, but the use of other temperature control methods in the laboratory is often not possible due to installation space restrictions, precision requirements and low-refrigerant / low-vibration & low-noise operation.

Our laboratory and process technology

At Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik GmbH, we offer high-precision thermoelectric products for laboratory technology, including cooling/heating thermostats, recirculating coolers, calibration thermostats and temperature control plates. Our Peltier technology enables precise temperature control and offers advantages such as almost noise- and vibration-free cooling as well as fast changes between cooling and heating operation.

Laboratory technology

Ice point thermostat

Mobiles Kalibrierthermostat für das hochgenaue Kalibrieren mehrerer Sensoren bspw. im Bereich der Lebensmittelindustrie.

Laboratory and process technology at Dr. Neumann Peltier technology

Applications in laboratory and process technology require the highest precision and compact designs. In this field, even the smallest inaccuracies in temperature control have a negative effect on the measurement results and the quality of the processes. Details are crucial in order to exclude falsified results and draw reliable conclusions. Peltier technology offers ideal conditions for meeting these requirements. Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik GmbH has specialised in the development and manufacture of thermoelectric products and also makes its wealth of experience available in the field of laboratory technology.

Peltier technology is characterised by a highly precise controllability of temperature and is therefore indispensable in laboratory technology. Products based on Peltier technology generate temperature gradients by means of semiconductor elements. The temperature control is controlled by the applied current, whereby the extremely precise regulation of the current ensures high precision in temperature control. Peltier technology also offers high power density and allows switching between heating and cooling operation by reversing the current flow. The operation of these products is low-noise and vibration-free.

Another advantage of Peltier technology in laboratory technology is the elimination of environmentally harmful refrigerants. Thus, Peltier technology contributes to the fulfilment of the F-gas regulation of the European Union and to ecological guidelines of many companies and users.

Why Dr. Neumann Peltier Technology?

As Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik GmbH, we attach particular importance to the quality of our products and thus also fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001-2015 and OHRIS certifications and grant a warranty claim for 2 years on all our products.

The expression of our unconditional quality promise is therefore of course also the unlimited willingness to meet the needs of our customers which is why we naturally manufacture any kind of adaptations or special designs on request. Do not hesitate to contact us in this regard

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