LABChill Recirculating Thermostats

The gold-standard of thermoelectric temperature control
Refrigerant-free, compact and extremely powerful circulation thermostat as a benchtop version for use in the laboratory environment.

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  • Customised designs possible

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LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

The LABChill at a glance

  • Media temperatures from -20 °C to 70 °C
  • 600 Watt cooling capacity
  • Integrierted2,83“ Touch-Display
  • Silent-Mode & Boost-Mode for every laboratory application
  • Temperature stability of < 0,05 K
  • Extremely compact design

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LABChill Peltier circulators offer a powerful and environmentally friendly solution for temperature control of laboratory equipment, including recooling of rotary evaporators, bioreactors or water baths, with 600 watts cooling capacity.
Peltier technology enables precise temperature control with a temperature stability of 0.05 K and is therefore also suitable for extremely temperature-sensitive applications.
The integrated Peltier controller takes over the precise control and offers extensive functions and interfaces for integration into any application.

Highlights at a glance

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Powerful Peltier-Cooling- & Heating unit
The optimised Peltier cooling unit with its cooling capacity of 600 watts forms the heart of the LabChill circulators and thus meets even the most demanding temperature control tasks. The use of Peltier technology enables not only cooling but also heating operation. An integrated boost mode increases the power additionally for a short time to enable a fast approach to the target temperature.


Noise- optimized operation
LabChill Peltier circulators are optimised for use in laboratories and therefore take into account the requirements for efficient working conditions. Low-noise fans avoid disturbing noise emissions. The silent mode of the Peltier chiller ensures that the Peltier chiller emits only the necessary amount of noise and regulates the fan speed depending on the required cooling capacity.


Easy operation
An integrated 2.83″ touch display with intuitive menu navigation enables easy operation of the LabChill Peltier chiller. In addition to the displays for setting and monitoring the temperature, the display has status indicators and thus always provides an overview of the current operating status.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Integrated Peltier-Controller
The specially developed controller of the LabChill Peltier thermostat is the brain of the chiller. It enables precise temperature control with a temperature stability of 0.05 K. Furthermore, critical functions of the Peltier chiller such as critical temperatures and tank levels are constantly monitored to ensure operational safety at all times.


Various communication interfaces
LabChill Peltier circulators can be ideally integrated into the laboratory environment through various communication interfaces. In addition to LAN, RS232 or RS485 is also provided. Possibilities of connection via W-Lan and control via a web-based user interface will follow.


Plug-In Connectors
The LabChill Peltier circulators feature easy connection to your laboratory application. Suitable plug-in fittings are supplied and are self-sealing to prevent unintentional leakage. The tank can also be emptied by means of a plug-in hose.

LabChill Peltier circulators are not only the most powerful systems of their kind, but also take into account contemporary requirements for ecological aspects. The high output of 600 watts also enables LabChill thermostats to be used for recooling rotary evaporators, for example. While conventional compressor systems rely on evaporators and require the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants, Peltier chillers do not require any refrigerants at all. The heart of the LabChill thermostats is the performance-optimised Peltier unit, which uses semiconductor modules to create the temperature gradient. This also enables almost vibration-free operation, as no rotating components are necessary.
Peltier thermostats of the LabChill series also use current as a control variable for temperature control. Since this can be precisely controlled, temperature stability is possible, which can only be achieved with Peltier technology. Peltier technology guarantees a temperature stability of < 0.05 K and is also suitable for use in highly temperature-sensitive applications such as test benches. Since the operating mode of the LabChill Peltier thermostat can be easily switched between cooling and heating mode, a wide temperature range can be realised. Temperatures between -20°C and + 70°C can be freely set.
The integrated Peltier controller takes care of the precise control. The specially developed controller has extensive functions and safety features. Temperatures are not only precisely controlled, but also constantly monitored and downtimes are avoided by early warnings. Several communication interfaces, including RS232, LAN, W-Lan and control via web server offer endless possibilities for integration. In this way, the LabChill Peltier circulation thermostat can be integrated into any application and at the same time offers the possibility of achieving a high degree of automation to increase productivity.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats


LabChill Recirculating Thermostats


LABChill Benchtop
Supply voltage100-230 V-AC; 50-60 Hz
Absorbed power~715W@QC ~600W
~430W@QC ~500W
~280W@QC ~400W
Maximum cooling capacity (ΔT = 0) [QC]~ 600 W
Pump flow rate3 l/min @ 1 Bar
Tank volume5,5 l
Noise emission< 56 dB(A) (bei 60% Fan speed)
< 63 dB(A) (bei 100% Fan speed)
Dimensions [HxWxD]425 x 265 x 430 mm
Weightca. 21 kg
Media temperature range-20 °C … 70 °C
Storage temperature range (non-condensing)-30 °C … 70 °C
Monitoring• Flow rate (on/off)
• Level (2x – Alarm & Error)
• Overheating
• Fan speed
• Optional leakage sensor
SensorIntern Pt1000 Class B
Optional: external Pt100/Pt1000 3/4-wire
Temperature stability± 0,05 °C
Communication interfacesRS485; RS232; Ethernet
Optional: WLAN; Bluetooth (coming soon)
HMI• 2,83”
• Software (coming soon)


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Recirculating Thermostats Accessories

LabChill laboratory thermostats are characterised by their compactness and high power density. This ensures a cooling capacity of 600 watts at the same temperature. A wide range of accessories simplifies the integration of the LabChill Peltier circulator into the laboratory or industrial application.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Glycotherm® heat-transfer liquids

Water-glycol mixtures for use at especially at low temperatures. Our Glycotherm products are available as Glycotherm 5, Glycotherm 20 and Glycotherm 30 with an operating temperature range down to -5 °C, -20 °C and -30 °C, respectively.
Additionally, the composition of the substances prevents algae formation during operation and thus ensures trouble-free use in your application.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Silotherm® Silicone oils

Silotherm silicone oils are especially suitable for use at high temperatures at which water or glycotherm products could outgas. The viscosity of our Silotherm silicone oils is also specifically matched to the operation with LABChill and PROChill recirculating thermostats.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Connection hoses

Our connection hoses enable quick and safe installation of the cooling-heating thermostats to the respective application.
The self-sealing connectors allow for a plug & play connection without the danger of liquid leakage when connecting the hose.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Insulated connection hoses

Insulated connection hoses are particularly suitable for applications with high temperature differences to the ambient temperature. The insulation prevents additional energy input in cooling mode or energy loss in heating mode of the cooling-heating thermostats. Our insulated hoses are also equipped with self-sealing connectors.

Examples of possible applications for the LABChill Peltier circulation thermostat:

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Re-cooling of rotational evaporators

The LABChill ensures a constant and low temperature of the cooling medium during the immersion of the flask in the heated water bath. The condensate precipitates at the cooling coil through which the cooling medium flows. The Peltier cooler enables fast and efficient condensation. Compared to compressor coolers, the LABChill thus reaches the target temperature much faster and can reduce process times. The use of Peltier coolers without refrigerants enables largely maintenance-free operation and meets the ecological requirements of modern laboratories.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Temperature control of water baths

The LABChill offers reliable and precise temperature control of water baths, with a wide working temperature range. It combines cooling and heating operation in one and is also suitable for use with silicone oils. The high temperature stability ensures precise temperature control, even in demanding applications such as sensor calibrations.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats

Analytical devices like e.g. refractometers, viscosity-meters or polarimeter

In order to produce accurate measurement results, refractometers, viscometers or polarimeters depend on precise temperature control. Our device meets these requirements with a temperature accuracy of < 0.05 K. At the same time, the LABChill operates with low vibration and almost no noise in silent mode. In addition, it is characterized by its compactness and is therefore an indispensable tool in every laboratory.

LabChill Recirculating Thermostats


Temperature has a major influence on the growth and development of organisms, bacteria and viruses. Precise regulation of temperature is therefore crucial for controlled processes. Our bioreactor enables optimal control of the process through a wide media temperature range and agile adjustment of temperature control. This allows reactions in the bioreactor to be accelerated or slowed down to achieve the desired results.

OEM integration of assemblies and components

Are you looking for a Peltier circulation thermostat that does not correspond to the standard but is tailored to your individual needs? In addition to our standard products, we offer OEM modules and assemblies which can be optimally adapted to your needs. Of course, you benefit from our extensive expertise in the conceptual design, construction and manufacture of thermoelectric assemblies and complete systems.


The LABChill has a cooling capacity of 600 watts with temperature equality between the circulating medium and the ambient temperature. This makes the LABChill the most powerful thermoelectric cold/heat thermostat in its class. It can also be operated with rotary evaporators, for example. Our experts will be happy to check whether the cooling capacity is suitable for your individual application at any time.

On request, both the LABChill itself and the matching connection hoses can be equipped with individual fittings.

We recommend operating LABChill cooling/heating circulators with the accessories tested for this purpose. These include suitable connection hoses and Glycotherm and Silotherm temperature control liquids.

LABChill thermostats can be operated with water, but also water-glycol mixtures and silicone oils. Here

The LABChill has a silent mode and a boost mode. In silent mode, the fan speed is minimised to ensure the quietest possible operation. In boost mode, the Peltier power is maximised to achieve the steepest possible temperature ramps.

The LABChill cold-heat thermostat is currently available with a cooling capacity of 600 watts. Other variants will follow. If you have an individual application that requires a different cooling capacity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The LABChill guarantees a temperature stability of better than 0.05 °C. If your application requires a temperature that is as precise as possible, the cold/heat thermostat can also be calibrated to avoid deviations. In addition, an external temperature sensor can be used, which measures the temperature directly at the application.

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