PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Powerful and compact
Compact 19″-4HE circulation thermostat for optimal integration in process & plant engineering.

  • Company certified according to ISO 9001-2015

  • Customised designs possible

  • Made in Germany

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

At a glance

  • Temperatures from -20 °C to 45 °C
  • 600 Watt cooling capacity
  • Temperature stability of < 0,05 K

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The PROChill 19“ 4HU rack unit from Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik GmbH offers an effificient and precise solution for cooling and tempe- rature control tasks in process technology and special plant construction.
With an impressive cooling capacity of 600 watts, precise temperature control and a wide temperature range from -20°C to +45°C, the PRO- Chill is ready for any challenge.
The Peltier circulation thermostat also offers a refrigeration-free resource-saving operation, simple operation and optimal integration into various applications.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Powerful Peltier-Cooling- & Heating unit

  • – Peltier-cooling unit with 600 Watt capacity.
  • – Integrated cooling as well as heating operation.
  • – Rapid temperature curves by the „Boost-Mode“ which enables short-term performance increase.

Noise- optimized operation

  • – Minimal Noise for laboratory applications.
  • – Silent-Mode for minimal Noise-emission.
  • – Fan speed control depending on required cooling capacity.

Easy operation

  • – Easy operation via 2.83 integrated Touch-Display.
  • – Visual display showing necessary information for temperature control & safety features.
  • – Status notification for a comprehensive overview of the device ́s status.
PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Integrated Peltier-Controller

  • – Specifically developed Peltier controller.
  • – Precise temperature control with a temperature stability of <0,05 K.
  • – Continous monitoring of critical functions like tem- perature values and tank levels.

Various communication interfaces

  • – Ideal integration into laboratory environments through various communication interfaces like LAN, RS232 and RS485.
  • – Future option for Wifi-connection and control via web-based user-interface.

Plug-In Connectors

  • – Easy connection to laboratory applications.
  • – Included self-closing Plug-In connectors for safe and sealed operation.
  • – Easy draining through Plug-In.

Discover the PROChill 19“ 4HU rack unit – the efficient and precise solution for cooling and temperature control tasks in process technology and special plant engineering. With a cooling capacity of 600 watts and a compact design, the PROChill circulators are the most powerful of their kind and thus equipped for any challenge.

Precise temperature control is critical for a controlled process solution and safe plant operation. The PROChill ensures exceptionally accurate temperature control with a temperature stability below 0.05 K, ensuring precise and repeatable results from your plant.

With the simple change between cooling and heating mode, a wide temperature range from -20 °C to +45 °C (if required also >45 °C) can be covered. An extremely precise control is provided by the integrated Peltier controller, which offers extensive functions and protection mechanisms. The use of Peltier technology enables precise temperature control without the need for refrigerants, which not only meets the requirements of the F-Gases Regulation of the European Union, but also ensures a resource-saving and efficient operation.

The integrated touch display as well as several communication interfaces allow easy operation and optimal integration of the PROChill Peltier circulation thermostat into any application.

Take advantage of the impressive performance and precision of the PRO- Chill 19“ rack-mount recirculating thermostat and rely on reliable temperature control in your plant to protect your components and achieve the best results in your application. The PROChill is the ideal solution for the demanding requirements of process technology and special plant engineering

PROChill 19-Zoll
Supply voltage100-230 V-AC; 50-60 Hz
Absorbed power~715W@QC ~600W
~430W@QC ~500W
~280W@QC ~400W
Maximum cooling capacity (ΔT = 0) [QC]~ 600 W
Pump flow rate3 l/min @ 1 Bar
Tank volumeca. 1,8 l
Contact withAluminium, plastic, stainless steel
Noise emission< 56 dB(A) (60%)
< 63 dB(A) (100%)
Dimensions [HxWxD]19“ Slide-in, 4HE
477 x 484 x 176 mm
Weightca. 21 kg
Media temperature range-20 °C … 70 °C
Storage temperature range (non-condensing)-30 °C … 70 °C
Monitoring• Flow (on/off)
• Level (2x – alarm & error)
• Overheating
• Frost protection (digital monitoring)
• fan speed
• optional leakage sensor
SensorIntern Pt1000 Klasse B
Optional: externer Pt100/Pt1000 3/4-wire
Temperature stability≤ 0,05 °C
Communication interfacesRS485; RS232; Ethernet
HMI• 2,83” Touch-Display
• Software


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Recirculating Thermostats Accessories

PROChill laboratory thermostats are characterised by their compactness and high power density. This ensures a cooling capacity of 600 watts at the same temperature. A wide range of accessories simplifies the integration of the LabChill Peltier circulator into the laboratory or industrial application.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Glycotherm® heat-transfer liquids

Water-glycol mixtures for use at especially at low temperatures. Our Glycotherm products are available as Glycotherm 5, Glycotherm 20 and Glycotherm 30 with an operating temperature range down to -5 °C, -20 °C and -30 °C, respectively.
Additionally, the composition of the substances prevents algae formation during operation and thus ensures trouble-free use in your application.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Silotherm® Silicone oils

Silotherm silicone oils are especially suitable for use at high temperatures at which water or glycotherm products could outgas. The viscosity of our Silotherm silicone oils is also specifically matched to the operation with LABChill and PROChill recirculating thermostats.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Connection hoses

Our connection hoses enable quick and safe installation of the cooling-heating thermostats to the respective application.
The self-sealing connectors allow for a plug & play connection without the danger of liquid leakage when connecting the hose.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Insulated connection hoses

Insulated connection hoses are particularly suitable for applications with high temperature differences to the ambient temperature. The insulation prevents additional energy input in cooling mode or energy loss in heating mode of the cooling-heating thermostats. Our insulated hoses are also equipped with self-sealing connectors.

Examples of possible applications for the PROChill Peltier recirculating thermostat:

To ensure optimal reliability, process engineering applications and plants depend on dissipating the thermal power loss of some components. In addition to that, temperature consistency and control accuracy are crucial for analytical processes in order to achieve optimal results. The PROChill not only combines these requirements, but also enables uncomplicated installation in standard racks, especially due to its compactness with only four height units as a 19“ rack. Like all our Peltier circulators, our LABChill devices also offer freedom from refrigerants as well as a largely maintenance-free operation.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat


The use of temperature control plays a crucial role in ensuring repeatable operation in many applications. One example are laser sources, which only operate accurately at a specific temperature range. Accurate temperature control ensures stable operation and minimizes the risk of failure. In addition to that, precise temperature control protects the laser source against overheating, preventing potential damage to the equipment. With the right temperature control, reliable and efficient plant control is ensured, enabling optimal results and high process reliability.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Semiconductor industry

Precise temperature control of thermal chucks, as pne example for applications within the semiconductor industry, ensures optimum positioning accuracy within the specific application. Through the use of communication interfaces, extensive monitoring of the process is possible, which enables optimal control of the manufacturing process. Various parameters can be monitored and adjusted if necessary. This not only contributes to efficient operation, but also increases the reliability of the system.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Cooling of UV-lamps

The PROChill offers an ideal solution for cooling UV lamps or during lithographic processes. Waste heat is for example generated when UV lamps are used to illuminate adhesives. Efficient cooling is essential to avoid machine downtime. In addition to that, no maintenance of the cooling solution is required, which keeps the operation efficient.

PROChill Recircualting Thermostat

Medical Applications

Among lithographic processes, imaging and analytical procedures within medical applications also require cooling and temperature control so that the components can work properly and fail-safe. The PROChill offers perfect solutions not only for these problems in medical technology. Especially in analytics, highest precision in temperature control is important. The PROChill ensures precise temperature control in order to deliver reproducible and accurate results even within the most demanding applications.


The PROChill has a cooling capacity of 600 watts with temperature equality between the circulating medium and the ambient temperature. This makes the PROChill the most powerful thermoelectric cold-heat thermostat in its class. It can also be used to cool powerful laser heads. Our experts will be happy to check whether the cooling capacity is suitable for your individual application at any time.

On request, both the PROChill itself and the matching connection hoses can be fitted with individual fittings.

We recommend operating PROChill cooling/heating circulators with the accessories tested for this purpose. These include suitable connection hoses and Glycotherm and Silotherm temperature control fluids.

PROChill thermostats can be operated with water, but also water-glycol mixtures and silicone oils. Here

The ProChill has a silent mode and a boost mode. In silent mode, the fan speed is minimised to ensure the quietest possible operation. In boost mode, the Peltier power is maximised to achieve the steepest possible temperature ramps.

The PROChill cold-heat thermostat is currently available with a cooling capacity of 600 watts. Other variants will follow. If you have an individual application that requires a different cooling capacity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The PROChill guarantees a temperature stability of better than 0.05 °C. If your application requires a temperature that is as precise as possible, the cold/heat thermostat can also be calibrated to avoid deviations. In addition, an external temperature sensor can be used to measure the temperature directly at the application.

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