Thermoelectric Generators

We offer two ready-made thermal generator plates for the production of energy from temperature differences: The TG-100 with a size of 100 x 100 mm and the TG-200 with a size of 200 x 200 mm. They have an aluminium plate on the cold and the warm sides respectively with mounting bore holes fpr quick and easy assembly. Several thermal generator plates can be series-connected, in sequence as well as parallel. This also applies to thermal generator plates of all sizes. More detailed information regarding our devices and a list of the single Seebeck-elements of our program, can be found in our download section.

  • Thermoelectric Generators
  • Thermoelectric Generators

Performance Diagrams

  • TG-100
  • TG-200
    • 20 K
    • 40 K
    • 60 K
    • 80 K
    • 100 K
    • 120 K
    • 140 K
    • 160 K
    • 180 K
    • 200 K