Temperature Control Plate

The ZTNG-100-B temperature control plate replaces the former cold plate ZTNG-100-A, and now has both a cooling and heating function. Temperatures in the range of up to -50° C to a maximum of +60° C can be obtained. The unit is designed as a tabletop unit with feet and has a sturdy, electric connection. Thanks to water re-cooling, the design is compact and without exhaust fans, which enables silent operation. Two integrated Pt 100 temperature sensors in the base plate and in the water heat exchanger enable external regulation and monitoring. The SVS-03 power supply and regulator, which is optionally available, can be easily connected by using a special cable for optimal operation. With this option, the desired temperatures can be set precisely and maintained consistently. In addition, the regulator automatically ensures that the temperature control plate is protected against overheating.

Temperature Control Plate ZTNG-100-B