Switch Cabinet Cooler
Series Standard – Size 2

Our size 2 switch cabinet cooler is designed for use in medium-sized switch cabinets. They can be installed in any position, and ensure quick start-up by a simple mains connection. Due to identical outer and connecting dimensions, all size 2 switch cabinet coolers can be interchanged. All switch cabinet coolers of the “Standard”-version are equipped with overheating protection and alarm relays. The outside of all our “Standard”-switch cabinet coolers is designed in protection class IP67.

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Special equipment are also available, for example, thermostat controlled duty cycle, capability of switching to heat operation, etc.

  • Switch Cabinet Cooler Series Standard – Size 2 - Front
  • Switch Cabinet Cooler Series Standard – Size 2 - Back
Type Input Capacity Operating Voltage Intake Current max. Ambient temperature
FL 208 100 W 24 V DC 7 A +70 °C
FN 208 140 W 24 V DC 10 A +70 °C
FR 208 200 W 24 V DC 15 A +70 °C

Main Dimensions

Main Dimensions

Performance curve

  • FN-208-C
    • 70 ºC
    • 60 ºC
    • 50 ºC
    • 40 ºC
    • 30 ºC
    • 20 ºC