Switch Cabinet Cooler
Series Mini

The “Mini” switch cabinet cooler series is designed specifically for use in electronics boxes and housings as well as small switch cabinets. Due to the extremely small size, even tiny switch boxes can be actively cooled below the ambient temperature.

Yet the “Mini” provides all the benefits of Peltier technology, such as position-independent installation, being able to change over to heating, or rapid start-up using a simple electrical connection. The exterior of the “Mini” switch cabinet cooler series has been designed to provide IP55 protection.

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  • Switch Cabinet Cooler Series Mini - Front
  • Switch Cabinet Cooler Series Mini - Back
Type Size Nominal power Operating temperature range Supply voltage Weight
MX-004-C 0 33 W -40 .. +70 °C +24 V-DC 1 kg

Performance curve

  • MX-004-C
    • 70 ºC
    • 60 ºC
    • 50 ºC
    • 40 ºC
    • 30 ºC
    • 20 ºC