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NEW: The Peltier cooler with water recooling

The LR-208-C Peltier cooler is the latest product from the manufacture of DR. NEUMANN and it significantly expands the usage possibilities of Peltier technology. With its water recooling system, it provides excellent cooling performance and efficiency within a very compact design. There is no ribbed cooling unit or ventilator on its exterior. This makes it extremely resistant to environmental influences, such as dust, moisture, salt mist and high surrounding temperatures up to 90° C. The positioning of the water connections and the water flow in the interior of the heat exchanger can be selected individually. As with all of our standard and AC-line switch cabinet coolers, the LR-208-C bears the IP 67 protection class label on its exterior. In addition, it has an integrated error notification contact and a safety switch in the event of overheating as a standard feature. The LR-208-C also provides all the benefits of Peltier technology, such as capacity to withstand high ambient temperatures, low incidence of failure, largely maintenance-free, can be installed in any position, high resistance to vibrations, accelerations, shock and adverse environmental conditions, cooling, heating and temperature control with a single unit.

The standard model has a supply voltage of 24 V-DC and an input rate of 200 W. Customized versions and adaptations are available on request.

Read here the latest article about our water recooled Cabinet Cooler LR-208-C. More detailed information regarding our devices can be found in our download section.

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Type Input Capacity Operating Voltage Intake Current max. Ambient Temperature
LR-208-C 200 W 24 V-DC 15 A +90 °C

Main Dimensions

Main Dimensions

Performance curve

  • LR-208-C
    • 70 ºC
    • 60 ºC
    • 50 ºC
    • 40 ºC
    • 30 ºC
    • 20 ºC
    • 10 ºC