Switch Cabinet Cooler
Series AC – Size 5

Several devices are often needed for cooling in areas with high dissipation loss and high temperature differences between ambient air and air inside the control box. Fitting them into available space can often be problematic. Our new size-5 coolers offer a solution for this problem by combining high cooling capacity with compact design. They have built-in power supplies with wide input range from 90 to 305 volts, which facilitates their use worldwide without adaptation. All control box coolers from the “AC” series are equipped with overheating protection and alarm systems. The standard exterior of all of our “AC” control box coolers have IP67 protection. Detailed data sheets on our products can be found in our download section.

  • Schaltschrankkühler Serie AC – Größe 5 - Front
  • Schaltschrankkühler Serie AC – Größe 5 - Back
Type Nominal power Operating temperature range Supply voltage Weight
FL-536-AC 450 W -40 .. +70 °C 90 .. 305 V-AC
47 ..63 Hz
14,5 kg
FR-536-AC 900 W 25 kg

Main Dimensions

Main Dimensions

Performance curve

  • FL-536-AC
  • FR-536-AC
    • 70 ºC
    • 60 ºC
    • 50 ºC
    • 40 ºC
    • 30 ºC
    • 20 ºC