Custom Designs

At any time, we will gladly design and produce a Peltier device that is custom-made to meet your application needs, no matter whether it is just one unit or a series production. Do not hesitate to contact us! In our contact-section, you will find a form which will enable you to directly communicate with us. Of course, you can also call or fax us at any time.

Thank you very much!


Even liquids can be cooled or temperature-controlled using Peltier technology. The photo below shows a water cooler based on our size 2 model. The media heat exchanger can be individually adapted. This means that the flow characteristics and location of the water connections can easily be changed. With integrated sensors and the capacity for working in heat mode provided by Peltier technology, water can be temperature-controlled very precisely. High-pressure applications and the temperature control of highly viscous or corrosive liquids are also possible.