Press article about
our LR-208-C

Published Press Release (translated) [magazine Markt und Technik, 16/2015, 17.04.2015]
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Switch Cabinet Cooler with Water Recooling

With the new LR-208-C Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik offers a liquid recooled Peltier device.

In many machines there is cooling water available, which easily can be used to recool the devices. The LR-208-C provides excellent cooling performance within a compact design. The cooling function is to a large extent independent on the ambient conditions. The water flow and the positioning of the water connections and can be selected individually.

Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik provides standard products and particularly customized solutions. The devices can be installed in any position, are shock resistant up to 10 g or more and salt mist resistant on demand. They can be used for cooling, heating and for precise temperature control. The product range of Dr. Neumann Peltier-Technik includes a nominal power range from 30 W to approx. 500 W.

The new product catalogue is available here: (sc)